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He fought well, for a kittypet. by xxMoonwish
We all have our flaws... by xxMoonwish
Enter Mud Paws, Mouse Ear, and Holly by xxMoonwish
You Already Know That Life is Hard - DotC Spoiler by xxMoonwish
Welcome to my profile! As you can see, I am a varied artist and I love drawing all kinds of subjects in all different mediums, though I do digital art the most. I am currently a freshman in college majoring in computer animation and minoring in creative writing.

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What I'm up to


+.. Art Stats & To Do List ..+
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- Art for Others -

- Personal Art -
Just going at my own pace for the time being.

:bulletblack: = Not Started; :bulletyellow: = Working On; :bulletred: = On Hold; :bulletgreen: = Finished

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My Characters

My Main OCs

Moonwish is my fursona. I've had her since I made my DA account 4 years ago. Like me, she's very shy and quiet but also has a creative side.

I've had Psyko since I was in the seventh grade, so he's one of my 'closest' characters. I've been working on his back story and it's all coming together. (: Expect to see more Psyko soon.

Skream is a character I made up to be Psyko's companion. It's (genderless) back story is coming along as well.

Kasai isn't very developed besides his design. Anyways, he's obviously a canine that has fire powers. Reff sheet coming soon, and possible backstory.

Warrior Fans: Are you reading/have you read the Dawn of the Clans Arc? 

24 deviants said No, haven't got that far yet
22 deviants said Yes, I love them
16 deviants said Yes, they're okay
14 deviants said No, I have no interest

Before You Commission Me...


Currently saving up commission money for college and cosplays.


:bulletwhite: College has got me really busy right now, so don't be surprised if it takes me a bit to get around to you.
:bulletwhite: Note me for commissions. Prices are located right under this box.

Kik: JordiRae
Snapchat: xJordirae

Commission Prices


Commissions are currently CLOSED.

:bulletpurple: NOTE ME BEFORE YOU REQUEST THE COMMISSION IN MY COMMISSION WIDGET. In some cases I may want you to pay through the donation pool.
:bulletpurple: I only get 80 points for every 100 points I am payed. So, 100 points = $1 for me. Sorry that the prices are a little high because of that. :\
:bulletpurple: After you note me what you want and I give you the price, pay through either the donation pool or commission widget (by adding them up to the right amount) depending on which one I want to get paid through.
:bulletpurple: Don't be afraid to ask for something that's not listed. For example, if you want me to do line art for something that isn't listed in the 'what I will do' section, like an anthro, we can figure out a complexity price. The 'what I will do' part simply means what I will do for that price.
:bulletpurple: I have the right to decline your commission if I don't feel comfortable doing it.

Line Art:
[ no current examples. ]
Cost: 300 :points:
+ Character: 150 :points:
Will Do: Felines, Canines, Pokemon, My Little Pony

[ Example ] [ Example ] [ Example ]
Cost: 400 :points:
+ Character: 200 :points:
Will Do: Felines, Canines, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Horses, Anthro, Dragons/Creatures

Full Body w/ Transparent BG:
[ Example ] [ Example ] [ Example ]
Cost: 600 :points:
+ Character: 300 :points:
Will Do: Felines, Canines, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Simple Dragons/Creatures
+ 300 :points: for anthro, equine, and more complex characters.

Full Body w/ Background:
[ Example ] [ Example ] [ Example ]
Cost: 1000 :points:
+ Character: 500 :points:
Will Do: Felines, Canines, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Simple Dragons/Creatures
+ 500 :points: For anthros, equine, and more complex characters.

Full Body Painted w/ Transparent Background:
[ Example ] [ Example ] [ Example ]
Cost: 800 :points:
+ Character: 400 :points:
Will Do: Pokemon, My Little Pony
+ 500 :points: For anthros, canines, felines, equine, and more complex characters.
+ 400 :points: For background

[ Example ] [ Example ]
Cost: 1000 :points:
Will Do: Felines, Canines, Pokemon, My Little Pony, Simple Dragons/Creatures

Upcoming commission options: Custom plush dolls, custom clay sculptures, colored digital portraits, human (manga-ish) digital art


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First Tattoo Experience

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 14, 2015, 9:29 PM
Wasn't sure if I wanted to post this as a deviation or a journal. xD
But I decided on a journal because I wanted to explain my experience and give a bit of an update.

So, Thursday night I had a couple friends over and they mentioned this super awesome deal from a local tattoo shop that was going on for Friday the 13th. ($13 for one word tattoos) So, I asked if I could go with them because that was a really good deal for such a good tattoo shop. So, after about an hour of trying to convince my dad to let me get one, he finally agreed. xD That night, I was so excited I didn't even sleep. I did my research on the artists and the parlor and EVERY review was 5 stars and all the pictures of the interior was extremely clean and they had a very good collection of art. I decided I wanted it to say 'nostalgia' (I figured this out like 5 minutes after she mentioned the deal) it's one of my favorite words and it means a lot to me. I love things that remind me of my childhood and I just am addicted to the feeling of nostalgia. I love watching old movies and cartoons I enjoyed as a child, and playing video games and just doing things that bring me back to my childhood. Nostalgia is something that will always be with me. Originally I was just thinking of doing it in a fancy script font, but I figured that's too common. xD And I don't really like going with the crowd. So, I decided on a typewriter font, because it fits the theme and is a lot more unique. (I also used to type stories on a typewriter all the time when I was kid, so that kinda goes with it too. xD) I also decided on spacing out the letters. That night I also watched tons of first tattoo videos. xD It actually made me feel better.

The next day, we got there an hour early and I'm glad as heck that we did. We were like the fifth people in line and the line ended up going past a couple of buildings. Now, lets talk about what I imagined: I imagined I would be taken in, get somewhat of a consultation, I would get nervous, and get talked through the process while my friends watched and someone recorded. But... that didn't happen. xD I didn't even have time to be nervous. They wrote down what I wanted, (Nostalgia. Spaced. American Typewriter.) gave me a number, and I filled out a consent thingy. Next thing I new, they called my number, had my stencil printed, asked where I wanted it, slapped the stencil on, sat me down, and started tattooing. xD Let me remind you, the girl doing my tattoo ended up doing 67 tattoos that night because of the deal. They ended up tattooing like 200 people all together. So, they were going through fast. She didn't even say anything to me. Just told me how to lay down, turned the machine on and went at it. I imagined small talk while it happened, but no. xD Halfway through I had to tell her it was my fist tattoo. She kind of acted like 'oh crap I just started tattooing without talking her through' xD But it was fine. She said I did really well for my first. No tears, I just gritted my teeth and covered my face with my hand. It felt like a hot needle going in and out of my skin really fast. xD It was worse than I expected, but still bearable. (I don't know how much longer I could have handled it though)  But, I really like how it turned out and I just can't stop looking at it! It's on my right side, a couple inches above my hip bone. I made sure it was far back enough that if I gain weight or eventually get pregnant it won't effect it too much. And even if it does ever get stretched, it shouldn't look too bad.

Img 4943[1] by xxMoonwishImg 4968[1] by xxMoonwish

It'll be a while before it heals completely. I know I want another one eventually, it's just the question of if I can handle the pain for a longer period of time or not. xD This one took less than two minutes.

Anyways, on to other things. I have a new tumblr. I will post all my new artwork and videos, along with sketches and random personal blogs there. (Artwork and videos will still go on here and youtube as well) I think I'll even include some book reviews since I've been reading a lot more. And vlogs should come into the picture soon-ish. xD I'm nervous about starting my gaming channel, I don't know how I'm supposed to give commentary on some of these games without being boring. :| Anyone have any ideas to spice it up...?

Right now I have my warrior Rainbow Dash painting sketched, but I'm indifferent on finishing it right now. I don't have much motivation. xD

Oh, and Valentine's Day~ My mom and dad got me the new 3DS XL, which is AWESOME. The screens are so huge and high def. I got all my data transferred on it today and plays SSB and Tomodachi Life. The 3D motion detectors work surprisingly well, and the clarity of everything is awesome. I can't wait to see what kind of handheld games they can make with these new graphical capabilities. 

And, from my boyfriend, I woke up to a dozen roses, a super cute couple of fluffy teddy bears, and chocolates. :3 He got back from work at about 7 this morning so I got to wake up to him and all my stuff. <3
Img 4960[1] by xxMoonwishImg 4961[1] by xxMoonwish

Skin by Pinipy
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  • Reading: Stuff for history / Rampant by Diana Peterfruend
  • Watching: Friends
  • Playing: Pokemon: Omega Ruby

My Videos~

Besides drawing and art stuff, I also enjoy making videos! I mainly make speedpaints, though occasionally I'll do something else. Lately I haven't been posting many videos; but that's about to change! I have ideas for some tutorials in the future! (:


xxMoonwish has started a donation pool!
617 / 5,000

Leave your unwanted/extra points here~

Any points donated here will be used as contest prizes, to commission other people, and to buy adopts and stuff. xD


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Q. What program do you use for your digital art?
A. Paint Tool SAI for line art/coloring/shading, and Photoshop Elements 9 for sketching, backgrounds, and effects. (Most of the time.)

Q. Do you use a tablet?
A. Yes, I use a Bamboo tablet that's about 5 years old.

Q. How long have you been drawing? How long have you been doing digital art?
A. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. I got my first version of photoshop when I was in sixth grade. (currently a freshman in college) However, I didn't start actually drawing on it until seventh or eighth grade.

Q. How long does it take you to draw a picture?
A. Depends on the picture. Things that are easier for me take about 3-4 hours. When I spend more time on something more complex, I can spend about 9-10 hours or something. Unfortunately, I have a short patience, so it's hard for me to push that limit. (Though not impossible.)

Q. Do you do requests?
A. I'm going to say it politely, no. I do not have time for requests, unfortunately. I do commissions, however.

Q. Are you open for commissions?
A. Check the 'Art Stats' section of my profile.

Q. Can we do an art trade?
A. Sorry, but art trades are for close friends only. I don't usually accept trades unless I ask for them.

Q. Why are your commissions so expensive?
A. Sadly, the only way I can actually make money is through the earnings system here on DA, in which commissioners must pay me through the commission widget. And in that case, DA takes 20 :points: from every 100 :points:. So in my case, 100:points: = $1, intead of 80:points: = $1.


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I appreciate every watch, every comment, every favorite, and every page view. (: Without my watchers and supporters I would have never made it this far in the art world. So I owe it to all of you wonderful people. It's very humbling to see how many people actually enjoy your art, and I whole-heartedly support young artists that are just starting out. So, thank you for everything! ❤


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